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A premium Electric Scooter at an unbeatable price! The VT-5 MAX

The Voltago VT-5 MAX is the most feature filled premium light weight electric scooter available. Most notable features are a max speed of up to 28mph and an insane ride distance of up 40 miles on a single charge! The VT-5 MAX is one of the only light weight scooters that includes full front and rear suspension, adjustable handlebar height, adjustable and removable seat, item storage bag, phone holder, red LED underglow safety lights and thick all terrain tires. Please see our specs and picture graph below for more details.

What is the difference between the VT-5 and the VT-5 MAX?

The biggest difference is the battery size. The VT-5 MAX uses a 48v 20ah battery compared to the VT-5’s 48v 13ah battery. This results in 15 mile range improvement over the normal VT-5. The VT-5 is up to 25 miles per charge and the VT-5 MAX is up to 40 miles per charge. The MAX includes all the following items whereas the non MAX does not; Red LED underglow safety lights, phone holder, item storage bag and a removable seat.
Voltago VT-5 Max specification and details

Why buy the Voltago VT-5 MAX?

The VT-5 MAX is unmatched in ride, distance and performance at this price point. Other electric scooters with similar specs will cost $1400 or more and most don’t even stock spare parts. The VT-5 has fully modular parts meaning that almost every part is plug and play so it’s easy to replace. The VT-5 has been brought to you by Super Cycles and Scooters LLC. A leading company in electric scooters since 2003. Don’t buy from here today and gone tomorrow companies or other companies where you can’t talk to a live person. Trust in Super Cycles & Scooters, a company that stands behind their products.

Available in white
Adjustable handlebar height
Includes item storage bag
Phone Holder included


The VT-5 MAX is FAST! Please keep the speed setting in Eco Mode. Only riders with great vision, balance, and previous electric scooter riding experience should attempt higher speed settings. Please read your manual in full for further safety guidance.

Easily Folds

Adjustable height and removable seat pole
Includes optional large comfort seat

Built in saftery LEDs for night riding
Digital display Speedometer, Odometer and battery gauge

Bright LED Headlight
Brake and tail light

Thick all terrain tires
Dual Rear Shocks

Scooter Specs and Details

  • Recommend Age: See Liability Policy
  • MOTOR: High performance 500watt DC Brushless 48v motor
  • SPEED: 25-28 mph. (depends on rider’s weight & terrain)
  • RANGE: Up to 40 miles (range depends on rider’s weight, speed they are driving, and terrain) Special note= Hills and Heavy Rider Weight will greatly reduce RANGE.
  • BATTERIES: 48v 20Ah
  • BATTERY CHARGE CYCLES: (up to) 500+ Charge Cycles (Cycles will depend on battery care)
  • CHARGE SYSTEM: 110v input, 54.6v output Smart Charger 2-color LED status indicator (Charger is Included) Warning! Only use the included charger! 3rd party chargers may cause severe damage or even fire.
  • HEAD LIGHT: Low power but very bright LED Head Light
  • CONTROLLER: 48v Brushless Smart Power
  • DRIVE: Hub (Maintenance free)
  • BRAKES: Electric Front Braking, Rear Disc Brakes
  • WHEELS: Alum. Mag Rim
  • TIRES: All terrain 8.5 inch
  • FOLDING: Yes-locking
  • DECK: ABS Resin – QR
  • FRAME: High-tensile Alu
  • NET WEIGHT in Box: 60lbs
  • NET WEIGHT out of Box: 50lbs
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 300lbs on flat ground.
  • COLORS: Black or White
  • PACKING SIZE: 8″ W X 16″ H X 43″ L

Available Accessories

Shipping Details

All orders normally ship within two business days from the time the order was placed due to our inspection procedure of each scooter before they are shipped. Sometimes orders may take up to five days to ship out depending on how many orders we have gotten or the time of the year it is. Once you place the order you will receive an automated confirmation email to let you know the order has gone through. Once the order has finished processing, has been printed and is awaiting quality control you will be sent another email with the tracking number. This does not however mean that the order has already shipped out, just that a label has been created for your order. Shipping time varies based upon which state you live on, states on the east coast tend to take around 2-3 business days for delivery once shipped. If you are on the west coast orders can take between 4-7 business days to be delivered once they are shipped out.

Due to security reasons all orders must ship to the billing address on the credit card, please keep in mind we can’t ship a scooter to a PO box. All scooter orders that are placed with a PO box as the shipping address will be cancelled and refunded.

The price of shipping is included in the cost of all scooter purchases, however we can only ship the scooters to the 48 contiguous United States.

Trust in the Super Cycles and Scooters Name

You can rest assured of your purchase as we only carry scooters that use some of the very best in quality parts. We have been in this field of business for 15 years since starting out in 2003 due to our high level of customer service, quality products and affordable merchandise. However, as with all scooters ours require maintenance and repairs from time to time which will vary based upon the actual usage of the scooter itself along with the conditions it is used in. If that isn’t enough to convince you to shop with us the 2k Beast also comes with a 90 day warranty on all parts except the motor itself which is 1 year that covers any kind of manufacturer defects. For full information regarding the warranty please see the full warranty page

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